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1:30 Rotated DUT -5 RBV=116.24.

1:32 Started Run 209.  

2:00 Yubo and Jannicke are on shift

2:19 Stopped Run 210 because of faint correlation plots, reconfigured

2:20 Start Run 211 correlation looks better now

7:45 Run 222 Rate went funny in online monitor (down from 5.1 (4.97) Hz to 4.8 (inf) Hz. Stopped the run (also on HGTD). On restart Yarr producer dead. After restarting Yarr producer, Data collector dead. 


8:55 Run 227 at hard rotation limit (RBV from step: 98.71), not pushing further to 95, but instead taking data at 98.71. 


2:00 Yubo and Jannicke are on shift

2:19 Stopped Run 210 because of faint correlation plots, reconfigured

2:20 Start Run 211 correlation looks better now

10:04 Ended Run 228 to access so that we can get around the rotation hard limit to reach 0 degree setting. Simone replaced HGTD sensors with 3-pack in front of 4th plane while removed the one behind that plane. Timon doing calibrations to get a low threshold tune.

10:30 While one can turn the rotation stage knob to make it pass the 0 degree point. The behavior of the software control limit is mysterious. We settled to a position that is 0 degree with the best we can do by measuring distance from 3rd MIMOSA plane to the DUT support frame to be equal on both left and right sides with within 1mm. This doesn't set the sensor angle to beam exactly to zero but makes the DUT parallel to MIMOSA plane. Rotation (new scale) RBV=146.51 for this 0 deg setting. Unfortunately, we can only increase RBV by remote control from this point and it cannot go back. We also took measurements of the plane positions while there.    

11:40 moved -4mm in x to center diff FE more in beam. Stopped run and started new one. Only diff FE is enabled with new 800e threshold cal.

11:50 were not seeing correlations with Mimosa 26-2 either in x or y. So decided to stop run, configure twice, and start new run. Forgot to save monitoring plots (the ones showing no correlation). Now in new run we can see correlations.

12:24 stopped run just shy of 9800 events. Just over 1000 hits in diff FE recorded. Started new run, same angle (0)

12:37 for final run plan to rotate in such a way as to match the angle seen in file RD53_Rotation_131_25_dx2p5.png. Want to allow for a 45 minute run + 10 minute rotation and verification of hit rate. Therefore must stop this tun at 13:05 even if it has not reached 10k events yet.

12:50 looks like we lost the correlation at some point. Correlation plots looked bad. Stopped run, configured twice, and started new one. Still at 0 angle

13:05 stopped run. Rotated (file:RD53_Rotation_188_51_new-scale.png). Started a run to see hits. Then moved +4mm in x to get better illumination (saved new image). Noticed no correlation. Stopped, configured twice, and started new run.

13:16 no correlation seen. Stopped run )forgot to same mon. plots). configured. started new one.Looks good. But I don't like this angle (45 deg.) Clusters are too short (size 3). Will take stop at 13:30 and take one more angle (high).

13:29 stopped run. Rotated to very shallow angle (RD53_Rotation_213_51_new-scale-moved-in-x.png). Started new run. Cluster size is now 7.

13:41 correlation seems lost. Stopping, configuring, starting new run.

14:02 14:00 has come and gone and MCR has not called yet. Beam is still going. Keep running

14:08 the beam is gone. Stopped run. Going into access. The end.