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Events in the partitions 230, 240, 250 timed out during reconstruction. Partition 7796.260 took a long time but finally finished. Looking at the output it became clear that the SVT occupancy was very high. For instance, here with over 5000 SVT Raw Tracker Hits

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Leading to events such as the following:

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Here is a plot of the normal number of SVT raw hits and a plot of reconstruction time versus size:

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Evidently something has gone wrong with the SVT operating conditions. Propose adding org.hps.recon.filtering.EventFlagFilter to the steering file. This checks on a number of SVT-related quality flags and aborts further processing if any of them are set.

However, this appears to also skip 40% of what are most likely good events. They are failing the svt_latency_good flag. This needs to be checked.