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  • Installing JAS3

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Required Steps

Two are the steps you will need to take:

  • install Java
  • install JAS3

JAS3 requires at least Java 1.4.0, and we recommend that you install 5.0.

Install Java

Download Java 5.0 (also know as J2SE for Java 2 Standard Edition) from Sun's web site . All you need is the JRE, i.e. Java Runtime Environment. After acceptiong the License Agreement follow the link appropriate to your Operative System:

  • Windows Offline Installation: After the download is complete double click on the .exe file to install Java. Accepting all the default options is normally fine.
  • Linux self-extracting file: After the download is complete make the .bin file executable (chmod +x fileName) and then run it to install Java. Finally add the Java bin directory into your PATH.

Install JAS3

From the JAS3 download page download the installation file appropriate for your system.

  • Windows: download the Microsoft installer file (.msi). Once the download is complete, just double-click on the installer file to install. After JAS3 is installed you can click on the desktop icon (shown below) to start it.
  • Other: download the appropriate .tar.gz file. Once you have downloaded it unpack it anywhere you like (tar -xvzf fileName.tar.gz), and then cd into the unpacked directory (cd jas3-0.8.0) and run it (./jas3).