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I used MacPorts to install all the required compilers, libraries and such, this file lists all of the packages I have installed: installed_ports_osx_10.11.1.txt.   Installing MacPorts will require installing the XCode command line tools, but that is explained on the MacPorts page.

You can use this the restore_ports.tcl script to install these ports:



chmod +x restore_ports.tcl sudo ./restore_ports.tcl myports.txt

Note that this will probably take several hours...

I had to put in two extra symlinks because there were places where the name of the compiler seemed to either be hardwired, or where using envvars to specify the compiler messed up other parts of the build process.


/opt/local/bin/gnu95 -> /opt/local/bin/g95  

Building and installing
prompt% tar zxvf ScienceTools-v10r0p5-fssc-20150518A-source.tar.gz
prompt% mv ScienceTools-v10r0p5-fssc-20150518A-source <path>/ST_FSSC-10-00-05
prompt% cd <path>/ST_FSSC-10-00-05/BUILD_DIR
prompt% ./configure --with-root=no
prompt% ./hmake
prompt% ./hmake install
Setting up your env

you will want to add two lines to your setup script, for csh these would be:

setenv FERMI_DIR <path>/ST_FSSC-10-00-05/x86_64-apple-darwin15.0.0
source $FERMI_DIR/fermi-init.csh