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The Fermi Summer School emphasizes the analysis of data from the Fermi instruments through lectures and hands-on workshops. Students spend time working directly with experts in instrumentation, analysis, theory and modeling to develop and extend their own research projects. Topics cover much of the gamma-ray band ranging from keV-MeV transients seen with Fermi's GBM to the highest energies observed by the LAT and the very high energies observed by ground-based gamma-ray telescopes. This year's school will be held at the University of Delaware Conference Center in Lewes, Delaware, from May 30 to June 9, 2023. 

Material will be aimed at graduate students and post-doctoral researchers. Topics will include particle acceleration and gamma-ray production mechanisms; space-based and ground-based gamma-ray instrumentation; spectral, spatial, and time-based analysis of gamma-ray data; modeling and interpretation of gamma-ray data; and astrophysical source classes such as AGN, GRBs, Galactic pulsars and binary systems, supernova remnants, and pulsar wind nebulae as well as searches for dark matter and new physics. 

The software necessary for the tutorials (such as the Fermitools) are distributed in the FermiBottle Docker Container, a fully-functional, self-contained analysis environment.  Please go through the Summer School Checklist to make sure the container is functioning correctly.

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Go directly to Week 1 or Week 2. All times are in Eastern Daylight Time (UTC−04:00).

See our Code of Conduct and COVID-19 guidelines.

Week 1  

Tues, May 30Wed, May 31Thurs, June 1Fri, June 2Sat, June 3

Welcome and Introductions - Liz

Intro to Space-based Gamma-ray Astronomy

Intro to Fermi LAT - LizIntro to Fermi GBM - Cori Fletcher

GBM Science - Cori

Dark Matter - Tim

Intro to the Fermi Mission and Sky - Liz Hays

Active Galactic Nuclei - Manel Errando

Impostor Syndrome workshop

Resources for Impostor Syndrome (with much gratitude to Amy Furniss)

Diffuse Gamma Rays - Tim LindenPolarization - Manel
11:00BreakBreakBreakBreak (Photo!)Break
11:30Intro to Maximum Likelihood - Matthew Kerr

Gamma-ray pulsars - Zorawar Wadiasingh

PeVatrons - Henrike FleischhackStudent Talks / 1 Slide Summaries

Student Talks / 1 Slide Summaries


Getting started with Fermi: Tools and Resources - Joe Eggen, Joe Asercion, Alex Reustle, Nestor Mirabal (remote), Don Horner (remote)

Data Exploration notebook

Data Quicklook notebook

Getting Started with Likelihood Analysis - Liz, Joe, Matthew

fermi-summer-school Github repository - See README file for instructions to download files for the analysis

Likelihood Notebook

Next Steps with Likelihood - Liz

Look here for a few project Ideas

Advanced Likelihood/Student Projects

Working with a software repository: git basics - Henrike

FindSource notebook: Example of adding a source to the LAT catalog model. Test for a detection and locate a new source.

Time domain surveys - Special guests

Advanced Tutorials: Light Curves and the LAT Light Curve Repository /  Student Projects

Notes on Light Curves 

Light Curve example notebook

Curvature Test Example - compares 2 spectral fits of the 3C279 example from Wednesday.

4:45End of the Day Tag-upEnd of the Day Tag-upEnd of the Day Tag-upEnd of the Day Tag-upEnd of the Day Tag-up

Bike rental pick-up - leave by 4:30

Crab Feast

Sign-up here

Tutorial slides

Week 2

Mon, June 5Tues, June 6Wed, June 7Thurs, June 8Fri, June 9

Gamma-ray Bursts I - Peter BOAT

The Sun - Melissa

Gamma-ray Bursts II - Peter

Advanced LAT - Melissa

9:00 -9:30 Pack up.

9:30 - 10:30 Closing Session

Feedback Form


GBM Analysis Tutorial - Peter

The Crab - Liz

Gamma-ray Binaries JamieFuture science with gamma rays - Judy/Liz
11:30Student Talks / 1 Slide Summaries

Student Talks / 1 Slide Summaries

Student Talks / 1 Slide Summaries  

Student Talks / 1 Slide Summaries  Complete packing up and return bikes.

MW transients and joint GBM/LAT Spectral Analysis - Judy
Data Files

Pulsars with fermipy tutorial

Free Afternoon 

Extended source fitting with LAT data (simple, advanced NBs) - Jordan Eagle

Reminders about profile likelihood and errors

Advanced topics (Systematics and Checks?)

Finding Information about high-energy transients - Judy

GCN - Judy

Student Projects

4:45 End of the Day Tag-up

End of the Day Tag-up

End of the Day Tag-up

Sunset cruise

Student Talks and 1 Slide Summary Schedule

Friday, June 2

Claire Hinrichs - Multi-wavelength Observations of a Long-duration Flare from BL Lacertae

Pazit Rabinowitz - Search for TeV emission from unbiased survey of high-frequency-peaked BL Lacs

Stephen Kerby - The Pulsars and Blazars of the Fermi Unassociated Sources

Saturday, June 3

Tej Chand - Inverse Compton emission from relativistic particles accelerated at shear layers in relativistic jets

Hui Yang - Classification of 4FGL sources with CSCv2 and multi-wavelength surveys

Cristina Fernandez - Search of DM annihilation in Galactic Stellar Streams with the Fermi LAT

Takeba Olbemo - Fermi-LAT and Swift XRT observations of Nova Her 2021

Monday, June 5

Nicolò Cibrario - Machine Learning for the measurement of the Cosmic-Ray Inclusive Electron Spectrum with Fermi Large Area Telescope

DJ Maheso - Pulse fitting of short gamma-ray bursts and the magnetar giant flare, GRB200415A with the Norris function

Romain Maccary - Distributions of energy and peak luminosity of gamma-ray burst pulses with known redshift detected by Fermi/GBM

Paarmita Pandey - Evaluating stellar winds from Young Massive Star Clusters as Cosmic-Ray acceleration sites using Fermi gamma-ray observations

Tuesday, June 6

Mete Uzener - Bursts from Rotation Powered Magnetars Swift J1818.0−1607 and PSR J1846.4−0258

Tamador Khalil - Using machine learning to estimate Fermi GRB redshifts

Lucia Tian - BurstCube: A 6U Cubesat for detecting gravitational wave counterparts

Hend Hamed - Phase-resolved Spectroscopy of Gamma-ray Pulsars

Wednesday, June 7

Ömer Çoban - Simulations of X-ray Outburst Light Curves of Aql X-1

Ava Myers - BurstCube: A CubeSat for Gravitational Wave Counterparts

Gaetano Di Marco - Simulations of gamma rays propagation in magnetised astrophysical environments

Steven Chen

Thursday, June 8

Özge Keskin - Deep Search for and Investigations of Untriggered Gamma-Ray Transient Events Using Fermi/GBM Data

Kara Whitaker - Searching for Extragalactic TeV sources

Mark Armah - Oxygen abundance in the narrow line region of Seyfert galaxy and the metallicity- luminosity relation

Yu Luo

Supporting Material

  • Primary announcements will be sent out via an e-mail list.
  • Secondary announcements, interaction between sessions. instructor-student, and student-student communication will be handled via Slack. Instructions on joining the Summer School Slack will be sent to attendees by e-mail.
  • This confluence page will be the home for the schedule as well as the presentation and supporting materials.
  • There are a number of video tutorials for Fermi data analysis already available. You can also find tutorials posted on the SSC web page Data Analysis area.
  • Presentation and material for Josh Wood's presentation on GRB analysis
  • https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NFyfb8gzWwRJiXMJ2h4QuMe32tRcErPp/view?usp=sharing

Interesting repositories for Fermi analysis

Stay up-to-date with the gamma-ray sky

Additional Resources for gamma-ray astronomy and astrostatistics

From the Handbook of X-ray and Gamma-ray Astrophysics:

Source naming schemes and catalogs:

On YAML (yml files)

Things to Do in Lewes

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