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  1. Frontend - Yee, Ahmad
    1. Offer suggestions on interface improvements (ahmad)
    2. Fix incompatibility with IE6,7 (Ahmad)
    3. Javascript documentation - non currently exists, inline with javascript
    4. spider & pie charts (Shahryar)
      1. Tidy up problem with legends
      2. implement PNG functionality
      3. Documentation on wiki
    5. Implement and test distribution mechanism for frontend (web) code into installation scripts (Ahmad)
    6. Implement web frontend as virtual host for apache (Ahmad)
    7. RRD probs
      1. Get Yee an account so he can look around on Ahmed's host to help understand problems.
  2. Backend (Akbar, Yee)
    1. Make scoreboarding more useful in terms of categorising under subnets, application and countries.
    2. RRD file organisation - refactor code to enable full paths in rrd files and also /source/dest/source-dest_<type>.rrd file location.
    3. Test Ahmed's new installation script (Akbar)
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