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  1. Middleware
    1. Document User API for perfSONAR: Asif, Qasim
      1. how does this differ from perfsonarui?
    2. Study the perfSONAR NMWG request/response schema [Done 5/1/07]: Qasim
      1. Document NMWG request/response schema on wiki (append to existing docs): Qasim
    3. Output from some script ( is unintelligible (e.g. control characters) need help from Asif, Nauman will send snapshot o Asif (5/10/07)
    4. Having Java socket error, maybe firewall problem: Asif
    5. Add updated code into SVN: Asif
  2. Make (reverse traceroute and ping server) perfSONAR compliant.
  3. Visualisation
    1. Provide 3-dimensional spinning (interactive) globe interface like with mona-lisa in java 
      1. integrate into Asif's topoviz frontend: QasimB
        1. Will send screen shots (7/26/06): QasimB
        2. Consider GoogleEarth for 3D Topology visualization: QasimB
      2. integrate into perfsonarUI: TBA
        1. Map relevant links & paths perfSONAR node information (see for schema) .
        2. Integrate into perfSONAR libraries Asif was working on
          1. Get documentation on perfSONAR user libraries: Asif
      3. Make useful for PingER?
        1. Display mon & remote sites
        2. Mouse overr provides site details
        3. Mouse click on monitor provides sites-per-country.html like output for monitor node
        4. Select metric & ticks src dest submit pingtable request and get plot.
    2. Googlemaps 
      1. Download and understand code from internet2 svn
      2. install locally
      3. Investigate google maps API's and extensions to provide 'traffic' like visualisation (look at google maps at the Bay Area for example)
    3. Ping summary table: Nauman
      1. status? (was first thing ever assigned to nauman)


  1. General: Qasim Bilal, Yee
    1. Study the link and documentation of PerfSONAR (available online): Qasim
    2. Application Requirements
      1. Get the data from MA for Pinger
      2. Parse it to show mesh
      3. Draw utilization graph for site(s) selected
      4. Check for schema deficiencies
  2. PerfSonar Java Libraries for Backend: Qasim
    1. PerfSONAR user libraries - i.e. libraries that will make it easy for others to gather and consume data from perfsonar services. the specific requirments are to integrate the Topology Service, Lookup Services, the RRD/SNMP MA's, and Status MA's
      1. Using XQuery or templating library query the schema.
      2. Study and understand XQuery
      3. Implement it using the schemas given here
  3. 3D User Interface for Pinger and Perfsonar: Qasim, Les, Yee
    1. Create nodes (with colour/icons) and links (with either arrows or a moving animation of direction, with colour)
    2. Automated spinning
    3. Zooming and panning
    4. Conversion from 3D Globe to 2D image
    5. Integration of this code with PerfsonarUI and also maintain separate copy.
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