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Communications etc.

  1. Projects (see
  2. Resolve next graduates/RAs/visitors: Arshad, Les
    1. Umar tentative arrival Feb 17, 2008
    2. Next student probably in July/Aug 2008
    3. Umar is hiring RAs (3 people for MAGGIE for 2 years). Shahryar 7 Asif will apply, could be 6 or 7 people.
  3. Paper for Nepal can't get travel funding, investigating whether will accept paper without attendance: Shahryar
    1. Funding for registration fee acquired. Paper has been registered. Waiting for title of the proceedings and access to an online copy: Shahryar
  4. Paper on event diagnosis: Adnan
    1. Future plans Needs improving: Adnan
    2. There are now (1/12/08) 2 students working on diagnosis, and one on Network Weather Forecasting. If they turn out well, they will be introduced to SLAC.
    3. Hope for something in a few months
  5. Proposals
    1. HEC funding approved
    2. USAID proposal due 6/30/07### Troubles have delayed review from November to January
    3. Proposal to Cisco on TULIP:  Shahryar
    4. Proposal to Cisco on perfSONAR (sent, await response): Les
  6. Progress Reports from NIIT
    1. Customized the script and deployed at NIIT (03/03/08): Umar
    2. Students to maintain rough drafts of their project descriptions at NIIT's wiki
  7. WIKI Account at SLAC
    1. Couldn't find details of resetting the password for shahryar's (confluence) wiki account. Applied for a new account.
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