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To call an office number from US, dial +41 22 76 <extension>, e.g. +41 22 76 77938 for Pixel Office. To call from a CERN phone (land line or GSM), dial the extension, e.g. 78094.




Pixel Office


1 -1-041

TDAQ Office

78094, 77386

32 -2-A22

CSC Office


188 -3-010

To call a GSM number from US, dial +41 75 411 <last four digits of the number below>. You should have picked up your new Swisscom card, which replaces the old one in late June 2015 (see  To call from a CERN phone (land line or GSM), dial the 6-digit number.


GSM Number

other info

Rainer Bartoldus


PIN: 1261; PUK: 15950067; PIN2: 8791; PUK2: 95902698

Catrin Bernius168216 

Nicoletta Garelli


PIN: 1156; PUK: 77414646; PIN2: 2096; PUK2: 27995063

Philippe Grenier


PIN: 3542, PUK: 55438745; PIN2: 1862, PUK2: 62307509

Nicole Hartman168743PIN: 2069, PUK: 70261040

Michael Kagan


PIN: 4467; PUK: 09969039; PIN2: 2339; PUK2: 91973950

Martin Kocian165910PIN: 4967; PUK: 15799322; PIN2: 1106; PUK2: 23621047
Jannicke Pearkes168740PIN: 4742, PUK: 22405888

Ariel Schwartzman



Su Dong


PIN: 6574; PUK 73471806; PIN2: 3110; PUK2: 88794620

Zijun Xu162896 

Charlie Young


PIN: 0418; PUK: 37003229; PIN2: 1715; PUK2: 90992447

Andy Salnikov

+1 650 283 8702



Old GSMs cancelled

GSM Number

162481, 162484, 101014, 161285, 165919


There are several cell phones available for visitor use. You will find regular NOKIA phones and chargers in the big plastic box in cabinet in 1-1-041. The phone number is noted on the back of each phone. You are requested to sign out by editing the table below to indicate your name and date against the visitor phone below when taking a phone. This will also help people trying to find you. Please return the phone and charger in the numbered bag and remove your name from the table when done so we can keep them straight. Half of the visitor phones are now SIM card only numbers for people to plug into their only smart phones. The SIM cards will be stored in SIM holders together with adaptors for turning nano SIMs to fit in micro or miniSIM phones. The SIM cards are normally kept with Adrienne at SLAC so that people needing them should see Adrienne to check out a pack and return to Adrienne when back at SLAC.


Phone Type


GSM Number

other info

Visitor 0

nano-SIMpixel office162525PIN: 1536; PUK: 30763136; PIN2: 5963; PUK2: 21659885

Visitor 1

NOKIA 3110c (black)

Apt-2 shelf


PIN: 0995; PUK: 22024855; PIN2: 1296; PUK2: 23458570

Visitor 2


pixel office


PIN: 2366; PUK: 89456340; PIN2: 9979; PUK2: 04903768

Visitor 3


pixel office


New SIM card

Visitor 4




PIN: 2892; PUK: 04535842

 Visitor 6 Nano-SIMpixel office? 168658 PIN: 5970 PUK: 66205079 PIN2: 1735 PUK2: 54489820

The chances of reaching the person you want by calling the apartment are not good, since people tend to not spend a lot of time there. Please try GSM numbers instead.




Apartment 2

+33 (0) 4 50 20 71 92

Apt 801, Bat G1, 3 rue de la Prairie, 01630 St Genis-Pouilly

CERN GSM Phone Instructions: 

The CERN GSM current standard model is Nokia 3110c while the old model we had was Nokia 6021. The phone pickup from CERN Telecom should already have the SIM card installed. On some older CERN Nokia phones, a security code may be requested when inserting a new SIM card. These codes can be found here. The basic operating instructions of the GSM phone can be found on the CERN IT page here. A most common anomaly of the NOKIA set has been outgoing calls not working while the display top indicators showing a yellow "2". This is when the outgoing calls were set to go out on the 2nd line of the SIM which normally doesn't work. Settings->Calls->Outgoing lines selection can get you back to Line 1.    

Important CERN GSM Tip:

While in the CERN vicinity the CERN GSM default provider Swisscom should have enough signal strength to even cover the nearby French areas. If the Swisscom signal is good, it is important to force the provider to be Swisscom. Automatic provider switching to French providers such as Orange will raise the phone charges dramatically even for a local call. It is therefore advisable to turn off automatic service provider selection while you are at vicinity of CERN to make sure the provider is fixed to the home provider Swisscom. To turn off the the automatic provider selection: Press/flip Menu knob -> Settings -> Phone settings -> Operator selection -> Manual, while at CERN it should show Swisscom and you should fix selection to it. It's also useful to check on the general CERN telecom lab good practice guide .            

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